Last Stop: Montreal

by Marguerite

Mixed emotions today as I finished my tour last night at Drawn & Quarterly bookstore on the Plateau in Montreal, where I co-read with the lovely Natalee Caple (Calamity’s Wake) as part of Wanda O’Connor’s new Residual Reading Series. The crowd was great, as were the staff at D&Q, and Natalee and I even took the time afterwards to ask one another questions about these novels — for which, I dare say, we both had good answers! I only regret that I had to rush out immediately afterwards due to Lewis, who’s been sick. (I offered and then withdrew my offer of a ride to Natalee, realizing that I couldn’t actually give her one. Pretty tacky. I hope she’ll forgive me as she rides back to Peterborough on Via today.) Here are just a few photos of our evening, then goodbye shots of Dolly Pigeon– mother, co-pilot, provider of tour vehicle. Without her help, I’d still be at the Sudbury airport with a stroller and a heavy box of books. Thank you, Mom.



Natalee (L) and Wanda meet at Drawn & Quarterly.


The bookstore has a good setup where the reader stands a bit higher so everyone can see and hear!


Natalee, a passionate and compelling reader.


Just minutes ago, Dolly pulled out, finally free of me, Lewis, Merle’s incessant requests for help with his dot-to-dots, and tour logistics. Farewell, Mom!


Mother and daughter travel duo. We survived.


Adam joins us for a final shot. He has also been co-pilot on this tour — even wore sick little Lewis in his carrier for 2 hours last night until they were both sweaty. Thanks, Adam.