Springtime Chapbooks

by Marguerite

The long, quiet times between publications can really stretch. However, I have slowly moved ahead, and now, alongside the pink flowers covering the lanes, come three new offerings of poetry.

The first is My Model Poem, a smart-looking chapbook from Nomados Literary Publishers. Thanks to Meredith and Peter Quartermain for their work and feedback on the poem, and to Sharon Thesen and Rahat Kurd for fab blurbs. You can order a copy from the Quartermains by writing to: meredith@nomados.org

Next comes a unique ‘folio’ that includes my poetry alongside image compositions by artist Birthe Piontek. These ‘cuttings’ will accompany Birthe’s new show, Miss Solitude, which opens April 21st, at Access Gallery. You should go! We are holding a separate event at Access to chat about the cuttings and sell copies. That happens Thurs., April 27th, at 7pm, also at Access.

Finally, in June, another chapbook, What I’m Wearing Now, comes out with the Alfred Gustav Press, as part of a series that also includes chapbooks by Robert Adams and Marilyn Gear Pilling. Consider ordering this cool triptych by the deadline of April 25th from here. Thanks to David Zieroth for running this great little press!