Fall Readings

by Marguerite

A summer of smoke in Vancouver. Seems like this city’s first close contact with climate change. It’s left me feeling congested, wanting to leave, knowing there’s nowhere to hide from human pollution. This, in turn, has left me with a surge of inter-species empathy — thinking about the animals out there breathing in this crappy air. So unfair! I’ve been considering how much more room the wild needs to thrive. I heard an environmentalist recently who asserts that Nature Needs Half. This seems very sensible. I am also feeling much love toward the radical folks who just won’t put up with this nonsense anymore, including my late friend, Berta Caceres. They are part of the way forward.

None of this has much to do with my fall readings. But I am motivated to turn up the volume on the environmental piece in my fashion project (The Endless Garment — will I ever finish? That’s a question). I’ll be reading 4 times this fall from recent chapbooks excerpted from the longer poem — and all these events include other local writers who are trying to express, to feel, to be wild, to touch an array of truths. I look forward to all of these events.